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This site if for you who wants to learn more about Exploratory testing and writing effective #TestObjectives.
Writing effective #TestObjectives for common elements in software code can actually be more challenging than many people initially think. Similarly very often structured testing is based on requirements and design specifications but does not take into account how end users actually would use the software. Often common sense is not used, and therefore many important #TestObjectives are included in test plans.


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In addition to purpose and goal the aim is to find like minded professional software test engineers to discuss, promote and document effective ways to help us be better testers. If you feel you would like to be part of The Tribe please reach out to me directly by sending an email to Mike@mytipsfor.com or subscribe below:

And thank you again for visiting the site, much appreciate it. Should you have any questions, comments, thoughts or if you have any tips of your own to write #TestObjectives for Exploratory Testing or Session Based Testing please reach out to me via email or twitter.