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Hello again,
..And thank you for taking your valuable time to read this blog post.

Wanted to give a quick background what this is all about. Goal here is to establish a collection of #TestObjectives for Software testers on various common scenarios. I have been working in Software testing industry for over 17 years and time after time I have seen new testers struggling to develop test cases for common elements. My feel is that in addition to requirement driven test design, we should more often use healthy dose of common sense, i.e. what is right for the end customers.

Too often my new testers just focus on requirement coverage, and don’t take me wrong, yes its important but often test scope is missing the obvious. Some of this of course comes with experience, after doing software testing for multiple projects of many years you start to develop a sense of areas that most likely need more attention than others.

You also often find yourself testing similar elements all over again, just packaged differently for each customer. How many times have you for example tested credit card handling, date ranges or address collection?

Frequently there is a list of common #TestObjectives for each element (in addition to project specific requirements) so it got me thinking, how about building a list of common #TestObjectives for those elements. This soon became my main goal; collate a list of common #TestObjectives that I can always refer my testers at. Or in fact anyone who wants to know.


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  2. @halperinko - Kobi Halperin

    Thanks Mike for starting this important #TestObjectives task,
    I think current lists are quite limited, there are lots of additional issues to test under each of the topics you handled so far.
    I agree that basing our tests on requirements (which are often limited or assumes issues as trivial enough not to mention) is problematic,
    And testers (even the most veterans) have limited capacity of what to test, based on what they have witnessed in the past and are able to currently recall,
    While most of these are considered as “checks” they are vital none the less – especially when approaching a 1st version of a product or feature additions.
    It would be wise for us to leverage the knowledge of the crowd to our benefit –
    instead of rewriting these in every new company & project.
    I would suggest using a test management DB – from which users will be able to easily export in many formats to support any type of tool they use.
    I also tried to get our local community interested in this kind of work,
    and even got XStudio set up for that as SaaS contributed by Eric G.
    This way we can set the basis, and have community members contribute their ideas too.
    But did not get to complete the task :-(
    Meanwhile I have compiled a list of Checklists (I apologize the post headers are in Hebrew – but it can still be used as site names and links are in English): Feel free to comment on that post with additional link to record.

    Will be happy to join such an activity,
    @halperinko – Kobi Halperin

    1. Testing1More (Post author)

      Thanks for the excellent feedback Kobi,
      Nice to hear that I’m not alone in this pursuit.

      I agree, there are plenty more to add to these lists. Almost infinite amount, so wanted to start by collating different types of each to highlight how big the scope actually can be even on a simple UI element or feature.

      I have been trying to establish a framework to allow other people to add more such TestObjectives and help to contribute.
      So I very much liked your idea of using a database or external tool that is build for the purpose instead of WordPress plugin.

      Thank you again for your valuable feedback, and please do check back later for progress.


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