Test Objectives for Currency values

In these days you often see visually pleasing currency fields that in past just had simple numeric field validation. Now a days you can add usually currency symbol, thousand delimiters etc. All these add extra TestObjective possibilities for Exploratory testers to hit and see what happens. Again this is an area where end users just expect it to work, you don’t want to see a big fat error message in case you added $ symbol to the amount..

Below is a list of Test Objectives for currency fields you can test:

Group Test Objective
valid 100.00
valid 10,000.00
valid 100,000,000.00
valid 000100.00
valid -00100.99
valid -00100.
valid -10,000.00
valid $100
valid +500.00€
valid ¥ -10 000
valid ₤ -3 430.00
valid (12000)₮
valid +300.004 ₱
valid £ 500 000,00


That should you get started, but remember best strategies for testing should also testing the values with special characters.
For example, you could try values like ⅒, ↉, ⒛, or ⑽.

Good luck!

..oh and should say that if you are interested to read more about test objectives for currencies or other test objectives, click the link below to get an ebook with all this and lots of more about writing Test Objectives.

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