☆ ✮ I Break Stuff, and I’m good at it ✮ ☆

How many times you’ve found yourself thinking,


..What did you expect? I break stuff for living and I'm good at it!

Well I have done so in last few months several times. I’m bedaffled how many times developers come to me and are surprised how I managed to break their beautiful code. And I bet I would be a millionaire by now if I would get a penny every time I heard software developers telling me..

..It works on my machine? 

Well that is what I do for living, I break stuff.. It is a skill to be able to spot areas of software that are likely to have defects in it, you just need to make sure to stick long enough and go through many projects and you start to develop skills to home in quickly to those code fragments that are likely to break havoc in the live system. There are certain tell tale signs that you might pick up from architecture specification, high level design or system design, commonly those are the interfaces between two modules / systems, or state machines that deal with real time transactions / concurrency.. I often also used to say that “bugs hang around edges” , and while people might often think that as just something one would say, but for many times this indeed turns out to be the case.

..But every time I start a new software testing consulting job for a company and developers queue up around my cubicle when defects starts to pile up, that’s the point when I think..

..What did you expect? I break stuff for living and I'm good at it!

Have you had the same experience? Frustrated?

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