Launching a new YouTube channel — Soon!

Launching soon!

Hello all, just wanted to let you all know that I will be launching soon a new YouTube channel dedicated to Tip for writing Test Objectives. I already have few videos in post-processing about real-life examples how easy it is to forget to test for these common Test Objectives. Also including couple of the most common social media websites to demonstrate how even big companies do forget to test some of these common scenarios that end users just expect to work.

Goal is to record a series of short videos to demonstrate how to apply these test objectives and also show why it matters to test these. Will start with few of the most common requests that I have received but will also demonstrate some less known aspects.

I will be announcing the launch soon, but if you want to be among the first ones to know, please subscribe to the mailing list.

In the meanwhile,

Please read more about Test Objectives in a short Crash Course here.

Additionally you can read more about couple of the most common Test Objectives below, these are the ones that I have been asked the most and I also think are probably the most common in various user interfaces these days.

Coming Soon


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