Test Objectives for Phone numbers

Hello again,
The one element that is common to most registration systems is a phone number.
Now a days most of the people have mobile phone number so registers take benefit from it.
..So no matter if you register for your local video rental shop or for a gym, they all will ask for phone number.

Ok, so we’ve established that phone numbers are common elements in broad range of systems, so its also frequent element that needs to be tested by software testers around the world. When testing phone numbers commonly you find requirement statements indicating that phone number must be valid. But what does it actually mean, what are the common test objectives for testing phone numbers.

The following list includes tips for writing test objectives for software testers needing to test Phone Numbers.

Group Test Objective
valid 123456
valid 1234567
valid 12345678
valid 123456789
valid 1234567890
valid 12345678901
valid 123456789012
valid 1234567890123
valid 12345678901234
valid 123456789012345
valid 44 123456789
valid 44 (12) 3456789
valid +44 123456789
valid +44 (12) 3456789
valid (044) 123 456 7890
valid 031-123-4567
valid 01-23-45-67-89
valid (12) 345.67.89
valid (123) 555-1234
valid (012) 34-5678
valid +44 123456789
valid +44 (12) 3456789


And that list just few to get started, technically you could test all different country codes.
You can use the above to test if the System Under Test (SUT) has validation for country code, if yes then you have plenty more to test. Specially check those few that are discontinued now a days, for example: +969 or +671.

What do you think, can you list out patterns for invalid phone numbers that would pass the common number validation?
Comment below.

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