Purpose and the Goal

A collection of Test Objectives for Software testers

The goal is to build over time a collection of test objectives for software testers around the World. See the background post below for more information why. These lists will be build around common elements found on various user interfaces, for example credit card collection, date range field or address field.

These elements are part of most of the common user interfaces on software application, web-pages or even embedded in many hardware platforms, for example in-car software or wending machines.

Social media awareness via #TestObjectives reference

The purpose of this is to make it easy for software testers around the World to find this site and also to make it easier to refer in day to day conversations and events. For example when I am visiting software testing conferences and work groups I can easily just ask people to search for #TestObjectives. This is of course commonly used Twitter format, #TestObjectives, but equally over the time via other search means.

And yes, not expecting anything over night, but one step at the time.. Over the time..

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