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Step 1. Background, Purpose and the Goal

The purpose of this site is to collate the best Tips for Writing Test Objectives for common UI element. Read more about the background why this site was originally established and also about the story behind the site. You should also check out the purpose and the goal of this site using the links below.

Step 2. Crash course to understanding Test Objectives

The term Test Objective (or #TestObjectives) is used frequently in this site and also assumed that readers are familiar with it. But if you are not sure about the use of this term, don’t worry, you can read more about Test objectives in the short Crash course behind the link below.

Step 3. Test Objectives

There are already several Test Objectives captured in this site and you can find the most up-to-date list of Test Objectives on the right hand side menu. For your convenience couple of the most requested Test Objectives are also listed below:

Step 4. Want some more? You got it!

In addition to free information about Test objectives listed in this site, you have an option to purchase an ebook that collates all Test Objectives listed in this site nicely into single booklet. The booklet also has extra test objectives included, and other bonus material in form of lists and tables for various common scenarios what testers frequently need.

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